It’s the ultimate in frustration. You pay your bicycle insurance policy premium every month only to find out that your claim for your stolen bike won’t be settled and you can’t do anything about it. To try and prevent this frustration here are key reasons why bicycle theft insurance claims are rejected as well as some pointers to ensure that your policy responds when it should.  

At Home

  • Bike not adequately secured by an approved lock in your home/garage/storeroom
  • Home/garage/storeroom not adequately secured by approved door locks
  • Home left unoccupied for more than 28 days
  • Separate garage/storeroom not robust enough (must have immovable walls and roof)
  • Bike stored in garden
  • Unable to produce the key and broken remnants of the approved lock (or a receipt or photo)

Cover Yourself

If your bike is stored in your home, ensure your home’s doors are secured with approved-level locks and that windows are latched closed.

If your bike is stored in your garage/storeroom that’s separate from your home, ensure the building is secured with approved-level door locks and that your bike is fastened, with an approved lock that you thread through the frame and quick release wheels, to an immovable object.

Keep the receipts of your locks and/or take photos of your bike locked by said approved locks just in case you need to provide proof.

Away From Home

  • Bike not adequately secured by an approved lock to an immovable object
  • Bike left unattended for more than 18 hours (24 hours at a train station)

Cover Yourself

Avoid leaving your bike unattended for too long (less than 18 hours) and lock it, with an approved lock threaded through the frame and quick-release wheels to an immovable object. Take a photo of your bike once it’s been secured in case you need to show proof.

Ensure to lock your bicycle to an immovable object

Ensure to lock your bicycle to an immovable object

Motor Vehicle

  • Vehicle not adequately locked and armed with appropriate alarm
  • Bike visible from the outside 
  • Bike not adequately secured by an approved lock to a secure anchor point 

Cover Yourself

If you are going to leave your bike in your car, the car must have the appropriate lock and alarm system fitted and armed. Your bike should either be out of sight, as in the boot, or if that’s not possible, then it needs to be locked with an approved lock to a secure anchor point within the car.

Bike Carrier 

  • Bike left on bike carrier, no matter how secure, between 21h00 and 06h00
  • Bike not locked to an approved, locked bike rack 

Cover Yourself

Never, leave your bike on your bike rack overnight. It’s an obvious target on a quiet, dark street. And always ensure that when you have your bike on your rack that it’s locked to the rack and that the rack is locked to the car.


  • Bike used for work (e.g. bicycle courier or Uber Eats delivery) 
  • Trickery by a third party or voluntary parting with bike
  • Bike loaned or hired out to someone else

Cover Yourself

These are relatively unusual circumstances but are set out in your policy terms and conditions and are therefore important to be aware of and related requirements adhered to. Because of the nature of the risk, your Sundays policy is not designed to cover your bike if it’s stolen while being used to do your work (e.g. bicycle courier); stolen when being hired out or loaned to another; or ‘trickery’ where you have essentially been conned into giving it up.

Always lock your bicycle through the main frame

Always lock your bicycle through the main frame

Approved Lock Guide 

When you’re not riding your bike and it’s not inside your home, it should be locked. It’s that simple - if you want to prevent it from being stolen or prevent the heartache of insurance not paying out.

With Sundays, the affordable cycle insurance, you are covered if you follow the bike-securing policy regulations. These include using the appropriate locks to match the insured value of your bike.

  • Bike insured for £1000 or more, then you need to use a Sold Secure Gold lock.
  • Bike insured for £999 or less, then you need to use a Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) lock.

Read our in-depth guide on Sundays bicycle lock requirements.

Sundays offers the best bicycle insurance in the UK. Whether you are a mountain biker, road cyclist, cycle commuter, triathlete or eBike rider, you are at risk of bicycle theft, making comprehensive bicycle insurance a sure way to gain peace of mind. 

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