At Sundays Insurance we will keep you moving

You’ve heard us say, at Sundays Insurance we will keep you moving! But perhaps you’re wondering, what’s our story? What makes us different? What’s behind that name? Why should you choose us over the other specialist bicycle insurers? 

Allow us to tell you a little bit about our philosophy and give you a little insight into what gets our pedals turning.

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Transforming a lifestyle into a specialised service

Our co-founder and CEO, Theo, shows up to work on his bicycle every day. “Through living what we do, I’m focused on always improving what we offer to our clients.” Transforming a lifestyle into a specialised service, Theo built Sundays by creating and providing innovative cyclist insurance. By doing so, he fulfils both a personal and professional mission to protect cyclists and keep them moving.

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Featured image of approved bike locks

Which Approved Bike Locks Can I Use?

One of the most common questions we get asked by members of the #SundaysSquad is which lock they can use to secure their bikes. Luckily there’s one way of recognising what locks you can use to secure your Sundays-insured bicycle that cuts straight through the chaff. We’ve put together a list with all the Sundays approved bike locks for you.

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Featured image of 12 of the most inspiring cycling books of all time

12 of the most inspiring, exciting and innovative cycling books of all time

We can’t ride bikes all the time. Sadly, there also has to be some time in the day for rest and recovery and what better way of doing so than by relaxing with a good page-turner? We’ve listed 12 of the most inspiring, exciting and innovative cycling books of all time on our bookshelf. These should hopefully keep you engaged and enthralled for at least a few recovery days.

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A new era in city planning?

The world has moved into the next phase of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns going on for an extended amount of time now, governments have begun putting measures in place to ease the transition back to ‘normal’ life, while at the same time continuing the practice of social distancing.

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Strava Epics and Backyard exploits

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely altered our existence. Different countries have different lockdown rules, but for most, the ways we train and socialise have been radically modified. While it would be easy to focus on what we have lost, we wanted to take a look at some of the athletes around the world who have been turning the lockdown on its head and restoring our faith in humanity with their efforts in support of charities and their community.

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Escapism: Planning post-lockdown adventure

As countries across the world enter what feels like their millionth week of lockdown, right now it might feel like the only ‘adventure’ we’ll be aiming for this year is the Rapha festive 500 at Christmas. While it is important we stay safe and indoors for now, we’ve put together four types of cycling adventure for you to plan for a post-lockdown escape.

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Staying healthy in mind and body during lockdown

Stuck at home, the ‘I’m too busy’ excuse has vaporised and suddenly we’re grasping at things to do to fill the long hours of isolation. How best to pass the time? How best to make use of our permitted outdoor exercise? But there’s another, perhaps bigger, question to consider: how best to look after our mental health?

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