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Bicycle Insurance

The partnership between Sundays and Lightspeed allows bike shops like yours to promote customers' insurance for the bike they are purchasing, right there at the cash register.


Integrated with Lightspeed

Sundays – Insurance Solutions; integrates with the Lightspeed POS system so you can now promote market-leading bike insurance to your customers.


Additional revenue

You’ll earn 20% commission on each policy and start building an additional revenue stream for your business with every sale.


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Three more great
reasons to sign up


Free Lightspeed!

The commission from two sales per month* will cover an average monthly Lightspeed subscription – so you’ll effectively be getting Lightspeed for free. *depending on the average value of the bicycles sold in your store.


No admin

All the tracking is handled by Sundays, so you’ll instantly be able to see how much you’ve earned.


Three policies…

Opting in will allow you to promote bicycle, cyclist and accessory cover – for every eventuality and customer type.


Want to take advantage
of this sweet deal?

Here's the simple six-step guide to
integrating the product with your shop.


First, read our Merchant Terms which include a few do’s and don'ts. Once you are happy, register a merchant account with Sundays here.

2Verify email

Next, you will be sent a verification email. Click the link in the email so that we can see you are a real person.


Once you are verified, you will be redirected to your merchant account. Good job, you’re one step closer to earning revenue.

4Install Chrome Plugin

Next, you must install the ‘Sundays - Insurance Solutions’ plugin for Google Chrome. A link to download the plugin will appear on the Merchant Portal home page (or click here). Once the plugin has been installed, navigate to the extensions tab on the top right of Chrome. We recommend you pin this extension (the logo is a white background with a black circle). Next, click on the extension and click the ‘options’ button.

5Authenticate With Lightspeed

Almost done! You will now see a box asking for an Access Key. Go back into your Sundays merchant home page and click on the ‘Access Keys’ button on the left panel. Then click ‘Add a key’ and copy the key from the merchant page. Go back into the Chrome Extension Options and paste the key into the pop up box and click save. Once saved, browse to your Lightspeed POS and you should be up and running! Link to Lightspeed POS here.

6Mark Insurable Items

The last step is manually selecting your insurable items from your inventory list on Lightspeed. This tells the system what items are eligible for insurance (energy gels are a no-no!). If you would like assistance with this, we would be happy to help you. To do this manually, click on an item in your inventory panel, scroll down, and tick the box that says ‘insurance’. You will now be able to select all your insurable items, such as bicycles, helmets etc.

Start benefiting from an additional
revenue stream today.

Frequently asked questions

How do we start offering this to our clients?

First, you’ll need to create your merchant account with Sundays. Verify your email and login to your account, this will ensure that Sundays can take care of all the administration and reporting, enabling you to keep track of your insurance sales and remuneration earned. Once your account is up and running the final step will be to install the Sundays – Insurance Solution plugin. It’s an easy step-by-step process that will provide you with an access key. Once completed you will be onboarded by Sundays.

What is the correct and compliant way to offer insurance products to our clients?

Sundays has taken care of everything for you.

When a client heads to the checkout in-store, the Lightspeed point of sale system will automatically prompt whichever team member is facilitating the transaction. The prompt has a simple message, asking the store member to present Sundays, and then your team member indicates whether the client is interested in being contacted by Sundays.

If the client indicates interest, the store member ticks a box (yes, interested) and the client will receive a message on their mobile device. They can then choose a variety of options to possibly purchase any bicycle or cyclist insurance products.

What if the client’s mobile number is not recorded on the point of sale system?

Your team member at the checkout will need to make sure the client’s mobile number is added to the Lightspeed point of sale system.

If we struggle with the registration or installation who do we contact for support?

You can contact our Sundays Insurance customer service team who is available during 8 am and 5 pm: 0203 198 2828 / [email protected]

How can we track our insurance sales & remuneration due on a weekly, monthly and annual basis?

Sundays has set up a merchant account that you can log into. That’s where you’ll view all past and current insurance sales, including what remuneration is due.

Are we allowed to provide the customer with advice on any of the Sundays insurance products?

You are not allowed to provide the client with any advice about insurance products. Once you have introduced Sundays to your client, we will ensure that the insurance product for their new bicycle or accessories is suitable for them.


`Welcome to the growing network of stores using Sundays – Insurance Solutions, it’s great to have you on board.`