Keeping the
future in mind

We’re just like you; we show up to work on our bicycles and our weekends are for riding, just like yours. With that in mind, our team is transparent and focussed on personalising your cover to your needs. We lead, we don’t compete, always improving to meet the cycle insurance needs of our customers.

Our Story

Creating the future you want

Wherever your weekend ride takes you, we will keep you moving. We’re made for the modern cyclist and while we offer quality comprehensive coverage for you and your bicycle, we’re also passionate about your journey from one Sunday to the next. Authorised and regulated in the UK, US & AU.

What we offer

Whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike it’s our purpose, our mission statement, if you like, to cover your bike for every eventuality.

We don’t cut corners like home contents insurance, and our Cyclist liability insurance is more comprehensive than British Cycling. We are regulated by the financial conduct authority, so you know you can trust us to do the right thing, and we give the same great attention to existing members of the #SundaysSquad as potential customers.

Join the movement

Kids on bikes, smiles on faces

We created the Ride and Shine project to bring the joy of New Bike Day to kids in rural South Africa. So far, more than 600 young cyclists have been supported by our wonderful customers! For every year that you have no claims, your no-claim bonus is contributed towards the Ride & Shine fund. For all members who’ve been with us for three or more years, we make a yearly contribution towards purchasing new bicycles for the kids who needs them most – so the longer you stay, the more you give back.

Join our team

In order to pull all the various parts of Sundays together as one, we rely on a stellar team of designers, developers, growth hackers, managers and experts. Sundays has many exciting employment opportunities, and so if you are passionate about your career and enthusiastic about the possibility of working for us, please send your CV to [email protected]