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What to look for when buying your first commuter bike

Nov 2023

Getting to work is much more accessible by bike; that’s why we’ve put together some pointers on what to look for when purchasing your first commuter b...

We’re an Insurance Choice Awards Winner!

Nov 2023

We’re a Smart Money People Insurance Choice Awards Winner for 2023. What exactly does that mean?

10 of the best-value road bicycles

Nov 2023

With so many different options, choosing a bicycle can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled our top picks of some good value road bikes to help make your choice easier.


The ins and outs of locking your bike safely

Oct 2023

Bicycle theft in the UK is more common than you may think. Make sure that you’re locking your bike up effectively by following these steps.


How to layer up for cycling outside on colder days!

Oct 2023

Make cycling in the cold easier by following these steps to layering. Learn more about layers and how to stay warm.

Fine-tune your indoor training setup

Oct 2023

Make the most of the bad weather by upgrading your indoor training setup. Read more about our indoor essentials.

Why commuting by bike in London is great

Oct 2023

Is riding to work really as simple as it seems? Cycling to work is faster and more reliable; plus, with the ever-increasing cost of living, it’s becoming a budget-friendly choice. With ever-improving...

How to choose a turbo trainer

Oct 2023

Turbo trainers are fantastic for winter training when the weather isn't great or when you’re short on time. Learn how to choose the best turbo for you.

Sundays rides with Moloko

Oct 2023

We’re excited to partner with Moloko run by, Alex and Paul, a pair who are making cycling easy, affordable and fun for all through rides, tours and more.

Unlock the Benefits of the Sundays Strava Perks: Here's What You Need to Know

Dec 2022

As a Strava paid subscriber, you’re eligible for specific Sundays insurance benefits at no extra cost. Learn more about this Strava Perk.

Best pieces of winter cycling gear to invest in

Dec 2022

We’ve selected our top 5 pieces of winter gear that you should have in your cycling wardrobe this season. From baselayers to overshoes, these are functional pieces of kit that you’ll wear daily when t...