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We specialise in bicycle insurance

We have been in the standalone cycling insurance business for 13 years, and we're proud to bring you customisable insurance for both you as a cyclist as well as your bicycle.

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Get the right level of cover for you and your bicycle at the right price.

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Protect yourself while riding your bike.

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We've got you covered

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen with other road users while you're out cycling. Our Cyclist insurance comes standard with public liability cover of up to £2,000,000.

Personal accident cover of up to £10,000 in the event of death or permanent injury and private medical for costs up to £300.

Three reasons to choose Sundays

We give back to the community


How we’re giving back

Our customers are well aware of the benefits of cycling not only to themselves, but to the planet and its inhabitants. Sundays believes in not only saying we share these values but demonstrating them.

We have donated containers of bikes to educational foundations in Africa so that children in remote areas can get to school and adults can get to work.