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Cyclist liability insurance

If you injure someone or damage their property while cycling, you may be held liable for hefty fines and legal fees. Why take the risk?


Why get cyclist insurance?

While cyclist insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, it enables you to ride with peace of mind, knowing you’re covered if you cause injury or damage to a third party.


The number of cyclists suffering slight injuries on Britain’s roads in 2021 increased slightly from 2020, to 11,994 reported injuries.1

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Death & serious injury

In 2021 cyclist fatalities remained high with 4,464 cyclists seriously injured or killed on roads across the United Kingdom, a key factor being dangerous drivers.1


In 2020, a cyclist had to pay over £50,000 in legal fees and compensation after hitting a pedestrian.2

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Is your bike covered for theft, accidents & more?

Frequently asked questions

What types of e-bikes do you cover?

We love pedal power, so we cover all electric ‘pedal assist’ bikes.

For the purposes of this policy, this definition includes electric ‘pedal assist’ bicycles as approved by your applicable state or federal legislation.

We don’t cover bicycles fitted with internal combustion engines or other sources of power assistance. Your e-bike must have started off as an e-bike, and not be a retrofitted regular road bike or mountain bike.

Please note that if you have an e-bike insured with us, you have to make sure that you comply with your state’s laws regarding e-bikes.

Why should I use Sundays insurance if my bicycle is covered under my home & contents insurance?

While your homeowners & renters insurance may provide some coverage for your bicycle, there might be limitations to the value and it’s unlikely to comprehensively cover many of the situations unique to cycling.

Sundays Insurance ensures you can handpick the coverage that’s right for you, and enjoy benefits unique to the sport and related situations you may find yourself in.

You can also enjoy optional benefits unique to specialist cycling insurance such as racing coverage, worldwide coverage, and coverage for your accessories and wheelsets.

Will my bicycle still be covered if I use it to race?

Absolutely! You simply need to add optional racing coverage to your bicycle insurance policy to ensure it’s covered during races, triathlons, and sportives.

Can family members ride my bicycle and still be covered?

Yes, our bicycle insurance coverage includes your spouse, any children over 18 years old, or a partner you’ve lived with for two years or more.

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