Transforming a lifestyle into a specialised service

Our co-founder and CEO, Theo, shows up to work on his bicycle every day. “Through living what we do, I’m focused on always improving what we offer to our clients.” Transforming a lifestyle into a specialised service, Theo built Sundays by creating and providing innovative cyclist insurance. By doing so, he fulfils both a personal and professional mission to protect cyclists and keep them moving.

Passionate about giving back to the community, he started numerous initiatives that facilitate people to start cycling and inspire them to ride more often. “Most recently alongside my specialised team, I led an initiative to provide disadvantaged children in South Africa access to bicycles. Changing young lives through the work of the non-government organisation,.”

A specialised service

Our founding principle at Sundays Insurance – wherever your ride takes you, we will keep you moving – was born because of his vision.

What that means in practice is going a step further with our coverage and our service like adding innovative extra membership perks, and endeavouring to always resolve claims as quickly as we can. Transforming a lifestyle into a specialised service is our foundation. We do this because everyone at Sundays is passionate about your journey from one Sunday to the next.

The lifestyle of riding

As a dedicated rider, I understand that for a cyclist getting out on the bike is a crucial chance to hit the reset button mentally and also build and maintain physical wellbeing. Often switching between the many disciplines of cycling, I currently find myself mostly focussing on long gravel adventures.

It is truly a unique feeling being out on a remote gravel road. In the elements. Just me and my bike. Alone or with a mate or two. And just ride…

At Sundays Insurance, we are dedicated to keeping you moving wherever your ride takes you.

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