Which Approved Bike Locks Can I Use?

June 28, 2024

One of the most common questions we get asked by members of the #SundaysSquad is which approved bike locks they can use? There is a frankly dizzying number of different lock brands on the market these days. With established household names like Kryptonite doing battle with brand new startups. The good news is that bike security technology is getting better all the time, but can, at times, become confusing.  

Luckily there’s one way of recognising what approved bike locks you can use to secure your Sundays-insured bicycle.

You have probably heard of Sold Secure? It’s an industry standard that tells you how secure a particular lock is. Sold Secure has three tiers that they will award to a lock. These are Bronze, Silver and Gold, with Gold being granted to the best, most secure bike locks only.

With our policies, we specify that your bike lock must have a Sold Secure rating that tallies up with the insured value of your bike.

Sold Secure Gold approved bike locks

If you’re insuring a bike for more than £1,000, you must protect it with a bike lock of real substance. We specify that your bike be locked through the frame to an immovable object with a Sold Secure Gold rated lock.

Failure to do that, by using a Silver or Bronze-rated lock – or worse, a lock that doesn’t even have a Sold Secure rating – could invalidate your claim should something happen.

Sold Secure Silver approved bike locks

If your bike is insured for £999 or less, you should be locking it up with a Sold Secure Silver-rated lock or better. Naturally, a Gold lock is preferable. It will be a better deterrent against theft, but it won’t affect your claim if you don’t use one.

Sold Secure Bronze-rated locks are also available, but would not be approved except to secure a bike insured for less than £250. The minimum insurance value for a Sundays Bicycle policy is £250, so stick with Silver and Gold.

There are other conditions that apply to locking up your bike, not just the specific lock you use. We have made it easy to know what to do when your bike is at home, or away from home. Take a look at the full details of our Security Conditions, which can be found on pages 9 of your Policy Wording.

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