Gear into Green

June 24, 2024
Sarah Pepler

Cycling as a form of transport has been on a notable and celebrated uptick in the last few years. But, with great feats come great consequences—namely a surge in bicycle theft, which begs the question: is it worth taking an environmentally sustainable and convenient form of transport in the face of daunting odds? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. To acknowledge and promote the sustainable cycling movement, especially on Clean Air Day, we can think of no better opportunity to marry bicycle safety and insurance with the Green Commute Initiative—so that you can do your part and keep your parts (intact) all in the same stride. 

Go green, get going

Green Commute Initiative (GCI) is all about making your daily commute a breeze, swapping the stressful rush and struggle for cabs, Undergrounds and Ubers for a relaxing ride on your bike. Choosing cycling doesn’t just mean less pollution and congestion—it also does wonders for your well-being and health. These are the values that drive GCI, and it's time to spread the word about how easy it is to join the Cycle to Work Scheme, especially on a day that we can have a more focused intention on sustainable travel options. Since the UK Government kicked it off back in 1999, the Cycle to Work Scheme has been a game-changer, letting people lease bikes and gear tax-free. And with Green Commute Initiative, it's easy and inviting to access the scheme, and your employer can be as flexible as you need them to be if they’re not on board with the movement already. 

Reap the bike benefits

There are plenty of reasons to get involved with the Green Commute Initiative, some hard facts to support the case include: no more £1,000 limit on choice of equipment, so you can pick the perfect bike for your commute. Plus, there are no hidden fees, so you can save anywhere from 28% to 47% on any bike you choose (as of April 2024). And getting your bike is quick and easy with GCI—no long waits or hassle.

The scheme works by taking a bit of your salary before tax, so you end up paying less for your bike. That means you could save up to 47%—not bad, right? And the payments are manageable, interest-free, and come straight out of your paycheck. It’s a win-win-win, and with the warmer months coming up there is surely no better way to rediscover your city than on the comfortable seat of a bike. Green Commute Initiative wants to make joining the Cycle to Work Scheme a no-brainer. They're all about getting more people on bikes, which benefits everyone. And as a bonus, GCI customers get 30 days of free insurance for their bikes, thanks to a special deal with Sundays.

The cycling-to-work movement has been gaining so much traction, and that’s exactly where Sundays saw an opportunity to support projects like GCI—to ensure that you have the peace of mind and confidence to use your bike effectively and safely. We are advocates in keeping cyclists safe, moving and reassured, and the environment surely thanks you.

Ride with ease knowing you're covered by Sundays insurance. Take out a quick quote and let's get rolling.

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