Unlock Sundays Strava Perks Benefits

Strava is often described as the social media for fit people, but it offers so much more than a way to compare your ride to your mates. Paid Strava subscribers have access to fantastic insurance benefits from Sundays, at no extra cost. This perk includes accidental device damage while tracking a cycling activity, a running event fee reimbursement, and a taxi fare reimbursement. As a premium Strava subscriber, all you need to do is to activate this perk to access these great Sundays benefits.

What exactly do the Sundays benefits include?

Once activated, our Strava Perks policy provides the following cover:

  1. Device cover: Cover up to £350 for the replacement or repair of your device if it gets damaged while tracking your ride on Strava.
  2. Taxi fare: If your bike suffers a mechanical while out riding and you need a lift back home, we’ll reimburse up to £30 taxi fare.
  3. Race entry fee reimbursement: Missing a run because you’re sick or injured is no fun. Sundays has your back and will pay up to £75 back to cover the event entry costs.

If you haven’t already activated your perks you can do so here. Remember, the cover is only available for incidents that happen after activation of your Strava Perks policy with Sundays insurance, and subject to the policy terms which can be found here: Insurance Product Information Document, Strava Perks Policy Wording.

What else does Sundays offer?

At Sundays, we offer bicycle and cyclist insurance policies designed specifically for cyclists. You'll be able to enjoy your rides with peace of mind knowing that you and your bike are covered for personal injury, accidental damage, theft and more. Our policy options include a wide variety of bicycles, from e-bikes to road bikes and folding bikes to TT bikes. Additionally, our cover includes theft at home or away and malicious or accidental damage to your bike. We also provide domestic travel coverage and optional global coverage for 365 days per policy period, with the option to add racing cover, accessories cover, and additional wheelsets.

Don’t insure your bike(s) with us yet?

How to claim:

We’ve made our claims process simple and straightforward for in the unfortunate event of something happening to you or your bike. All you have to do is report the incident as soon as possible, once we’ve got all the information we’ll process your claim quickly to get you back up and on two wheels again in no time. It’s as simple as that.

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