Why Home & Contents Insurance may not be enough for your bicycle

Whether you're a newbie or die-hard enthusiast, there's nothing quite like getting a new (or new to you) bicycle. 

Your bike could be your pride and joy, a machine to take you over the finish line, or even act as a lifeline to get to work. Whether you want a socially distant commute, solo rides to clear your mind, family bonding time, or the simple joy of exercise, every cyclist knows that their bike is so much more than just a bike.

But nothing dulls the magic of a new bike faster than the next step of new bike ownership. Getting it insured. 

Navigating the endless maze of insurance policy options and cover types (many of which tack bicycle insurance onto an existing policy without customisable cover) can be a daunting task.

Why do I need bicycle insurance?

According to BikeRegister, the national bicycle database, the cities that rank highest for bike theft are:

  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Oxford
  4. Bristol
  5. Liverpool
  6. Manchester
  7. Cambridge
  8. Cardiff
  9. Bournemouth
  10. Reading

Between January 2020 - September 2020, there was an average of one bicycle stolen every 7 minutes across the United Kingdom. 

While these figures are alarming, they still don’t represent the true numbers. Many bicycle thefts aren’t reported to authorities, and malicious damage is even less reported.

Accidental damage or crash damage generally isn't reported. Still, these can also be costly incidents that may leave you unable to ride your bicycle until you are able to repair or replace the damaged parts - and without insurance, that would come from your own pocket.

Our statistics show that bike insurance claims are steady throughout the year, with a significant drop only in November and December.

What home & contents insurance often won't cover

Home & contents insurance is designed to cover people’s personal belongings (and possibly the structure of their home) in the event of things like fire, flooding, theft, or natural disasters. 

Because the policy is focused on the home and its contents, items that are stolen or damaged away from home are usually not covered.

While this type of policy may cover your bicycle, the cover it can provide is partial at best - especially when you consider the range of common risks your bicycle faces while you’re riding it or while it’s locked in a bike parking rack.

Here's how home & contents insurance compares to specialist bicycle cover.

Along with our cover options for your bicycle, Sundays also offers cyclist liability insurance that protects your pocket if you’re found liable for injuring someone or damaging their property while riding. 

While being a member of British Cycling or British Triathlon gives you public liability cover, it won’t cover you for member-to-member liability.

  • Cyclist insurance comes standard with public liability cover of up to £2,000,000.
  • Personal accident cover of up to £10,000 in the event of death or permanent injury.
  • Private medical for costs up to £300.

What specialist bicycle insurance covers

There are a couple of misconceptions about bicycle insurance.

Some believe it's prohibitively expensive, designed for serious cyclists, or only worth buying if your bike costs over a certain amount. We're pleased to tell you that none of those are true with Sundays insurance.

Unlike many other specialist bicycle insurers, Sundays doesn't provide pre-packaged cover options. Instead, your cover is fully personalised to your needs and can be tailored to suit almost every budget.

What does that mean? You get the cover you need and don't pay for what you don't. Simple.

Along with the standard and optional cover options in the table above, you can also choose extra cover additions to suit your needs.

New for old for three years

If your beloved machine is pinched within three years of you purchasing it new, we’ll cover your bike new for old. Remember to keep your proof of purchase info, we’ll need it for your claim.

Accessories, cycling apparel & wheelsets

With Sundays, you can insure accessories up to the value of £5,000. You can also cover the kit you’re wearing while you ride.

Plus, you can add additional wheelsets to your policy so you can swap them out to suit your ride with total peace of mind.

Racing & event cover

Choose racing & event cover, and we'll cover your bicycle if the damage is caused by a specific incident, crash, impact, or road hazard while taking part in a race or event. 

If you don't participate in races and don't want your cover to extend to them, you don't need to choose or pay for this cover.

Why choose Sundays bicycle cover?

Monthly premiums

Insurance premiums are usually calculated annually and divided by 12 to give you your monthly premium. Many specialist bicycle insurers require that you pay a portion of the annual amount upfront, but we don’t. 

Enjoy simple monthly payments with no upfront or minimum premium. Plus, you can cancel your cover at any time without penalties.

Personalised policies

We draw from 13+ years of cycling insurance data to offer customisable cover for serious and casual cyclists alike.

Personal service

Despite our global footprint, our close-knit vibe ensures you always feel like part of our Sundays cyclist family.

14-Day cooling off period

Try our policy for 14 days and get your money back if you cancel within 14 days and did not claim. No questions asked, no penalties.