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Save on Cycle Insurance with Sundays Black Friday Sale

If you managed to find a new bicycle on a Black Friday special, lucky you! This year, trade experts predicted that the component shortage and disruption of global supply chains could last well into 2022, so retailers are struggling to keep enough stock to offer bicycles to the customers that need them.

An unfortunate knock-on effect of the bicycle shortage is that the UK may see an increase in bicycle thefts. This, coupled with increased demand in preparation for the festive season, means cyclists should be extra vigilant when parking their bikes.

Luckily, we’ve got you and your bike covered.

If you sign up for Sundays bicycle insurance between 26 November 2021 - 30 November 2021 with the code BLACKFRIDAY20, we’ll give you 20% off your bicycle or ebike insurance premium so you can ride into the new year with ultimate peace of mind! Get an online quote in a couple of minutes.

Why you should consider specialist cycle insurance

Unlike home & contents insurance, specialist bicycle insurance is focused on only two things: you and your bike.

While many home & contents insurers will cover your bicycle, they will likely only provide partial cover, leaving out some of the common risks your bicycle faces while you’re riding it or while it’s locked in a bike parking rack. Here's how home & contents insurance compares to Sundays specialist bicycle insurance:

To find out how well your bike is covered under your home & contents policy, here are some questions you can ask your current or potential insurer:  

  • Do you cover my bicycle if I ride it and crash it?
  • Do you cover my bicycle for theft away from home?
  • Do you provide coverage for bicycles for their full value, or are there coverage limits on the policy?  
  • Do you insure my bicycle for accidental and malicious damage?  
  • Do you provide coverage for racing?  
  • Do you provide coverage for traveling with my bicycle?

Why choose Sundays?

Designed by cyclists, for cyclists

Our products aren’t designed by nameless faces in suits - they’re designed by cyclists (who sometimes wear suits) that have a deep understanding of the risks cyclists face.

We put our customers first

We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” insurer. That means no upfront premiums, inconsistent fee structures, or pre-packaged coverage plans. You can also cancel your policy at any time without any penalties.

We pride ourselves on superfast claims settlement

We know how much cycling means to you. You can submit an online claim 24/7, and our expert team will work on it with one goal in mind: To get you back on the saddle as fast as possible.

Trusted by the best in the business

We’re proud to have established loyal, long-term partnerships with the likes of Lightspeed,, Call Assist and Strava. We’ve been a global perks provider partner for Strava members since 2017.

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