Sundays rides with Moloko

Started by Alexandra Gaudé & Paul Barthorpe, the pair believe in making the joy that cycling brings accessible to everyone. They aim to make it easy, affordable and fun; if their reviews are anything to go by, they’re definitely achieving that goal.

“We were supposed to be on a beach,” says Paul with a smile; instead, he convinced Alex to go for a pedal, and the rest is history. Since then, the pair have built a thriving community, bringing together cyclists from all over the UK.  Their website offers advice on tried and tested gravel and road cycling routes for those looking for a new loop to test. Those without a bike can rent a gravel or road bike from their extensive fleet for £49 p/day or a longer monthly rental from £99 p/month.

They host weekly social laps, open to Moloko members and non-members from Richmond Park throughout the week. A great way to catch up with mates after work, meet new like-minded people and keep fit. These rides vary in speed and distance, so check out the schedule and book your spot here in advance to get in on the fun.  

Throughout the year, Alex and Paul host fondos and bike trips into Europe, ranging from multi-day tours through the Pyrenees to 100km gravel loops around London. These sell out fast, so be sure to book well in advance.

Moloko offers a monthly subscription for just £9.99 per month, the equivalent of 2 or 3 coffees a month. Their subscription gives you access to events like Brand demo days, social events & experiences, routes (and GPX files) for you to follow, discounts on guided tours to unique destinations and soon exclusive brand offers, including a great discount on your bike insurance from Sundays.  

“Millions more people can benefit from the joy & well-being that cycling gives us. However, we know cycling can be complicated, expensive and scary, so we set up Moloko to remove those barriers (& gilets) and help people unlock all the happiness that cycling can bring.”- Alex Gaudé, co-founder of Moloko Cycling.

Enjoy regular group rides with the Moloko crew

Why Sundays?

As a couple that is constantly on the move, protecting themselves and their bikes is something that just made sense. With Sundays, they’re covered across the UK and can

activate worldwide cover with a quick phone call if they decide on a last-minute bikepacking trip to France. It’s not just the bicycles that you need to protect, but also all that fantastic gear, which is why Sundays offers accessories cover for your kit, lights, GPS and other cycling equipment.

Alex trusts Sundays to keep her rolling. Whether you ride because it’s the fastest way to get to work, the best way to spend a day with friends, or because you just need to pedal to make sense of the world, your bike matters.

For more on Moloko, visit their website here or check out their Instagram

Find out more on Sundays and insuring your bicycle(s) here

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