Which Bike Lock Can I Use?

Everything You Need to Know About Sundays' Approved Bike Locks List

One of the most common questions we get asked by Sundays customers is, “Which bike lock should I use?”

While the good news is that bicycle security technology is getting better every day, the bad news is that there’s a frankly dizzying number of lock brands on the market these days which can make it difficult to pick the one that’s right for you.

Just like how you had hearts in your eyes on the day you saw your new bikes, so do thieves - for all the wrong reasons. Concerns about your bike’s safety when it’s locked up can make commuting by bike stressful, and even put some cyclists off commuting by bike altogether.

Luckily, many thieves are opportunistic: if they see a bike that isn’t securely locked up, they may steal it but they’re unlikely to be carrying around the equipment needed to remove a solid lock.

While it’s next to impossible to stop a truly determined thief from stealing your bike, if you make it as hard as possible, chances are they’ll give up.

To make it simple for you to know which locks you can use, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular (and Sundays-approved) locks. If you aren’t already a Sundays customer, get a quick online bicycle insurance quote here.

If you’re unsure whether your bike lock is approved, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 198 2828 to make sure.

Why Do I Need an Approved Bike Lock?

Just like bicycles, not all bike locks are made equal.

Some will make any thief think twice before trying to steal your bike. Unfortunately, others are more like lock-shaped decorations that may look intimidating but can be easily cut off by a thief who knows what they’re doing.

To differentiate between the former and latter, we use the Sold Secure rating to decide what bike locks to approve.

Sold Secure is a four-tiered rating system used in the UK to ensure locks for everything from bicycles to cars to caravans are tested to provide the best security possible for customers.

Sold Secure uses “attack tests” to assess the performance of products, and then assigns them a rating:

  • Sold Secure Diamond: This is super-high grade security that’s only used in specific applications.
  • Sold Secure Gold: The top level of security against the highly-skilled thief.
  • Sold Secure Silver: A good level of security against most determined thieves.
  • Sold Secure Bronze: Security against opportunistic thieves.

Here at Sundays, we consider any Sold Secure Gold lock or any Sold Secure Silver lock to be an approved lock, but remember: the type of lock you can use is dependent on your bicycle value.

Sold Secure Gold Approved Bike Lock

If you’re insuring a bike that costs £1,000 or more, you’ll need to protect it with a bike lock of real substance. We specify that your bike be locked through the frame along with any quick release wheels to an immovable object with a Sold Secure Gold rated lock.

Failure to do that, by using a Silver or Bronze-rated lock – or worse, a lock that doesn’t have a Sold Secure rating – could invalidate your claim should something happen.

Sold Secure Silver Approved Bike Locks

If your bike is insured for less than £1,000, you should be locking it up with a Sold Secure Silver-rated lock or better. Naturally, a Gold lock is preferable because it’s a better deterrent against theft, but it won’t affect your claim if you use a Silver lock.

Cover Your Bike with Specialist Insurance

While a Sold Secure lock goes a long way in deterring thieves, the unfortunate reality is that it’s close to impossible to stop a truly determined thief from stealing your bicycle. Recently, thieves were caught on camera in London stealing a locked bike with a portable angle grinder.

If the worst should happen and your bicycle is stolen, you’ll be left sad, angry, and out-of-pocket for a new bike - unless you’re covered with Sundays insurance.

Our specialist bicycle insurance includes cover for:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft from and away from home
  • Domestic travel with your bicycle
  • Transporting your bicycle on a bike rack
  • Malicious damage (for example, if a thief damages your bicycle while failing to steal it)
  • Replacement bicycle hire reimbursement
  • New for old
  • Optional accessories & cycling apparel
  • Optional racing cover
  • Optional worldwide cover
  • Optional extra wheelsets

Get an obligation-free online quote from Sundays.

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