Why commuting by bike in London is great

Getting to work and back can take up the better part of your day. With the cost of living rapidly rising, city centre congestion getting worse by the day, and many returning to work from offices, dusting off that bike and pedalling into work is making more and more sense.  

Great infrastructure:

The city has and is investing large sums of money into bicycle infrastructure to make commuting by bike easier and safer.  There are dedicated cycleways, bike lanes, bike storage lockers and dedicated bike parking across London. If you’re worried about where to store your bike at work, most stations have bike parking spaces, over 150000 on-street bike parking spaces, and multiple secure off-street parking in car parks. Make sure to use a Sold Secure lock when locking your bike up, and find out more about what lock to use here. In fact, Transport for London has put together a comprehensive map of the cycleways and bike parking locations across London.

These bike lanes, cycleways and bike parking make it easier and safer for cyclists to commute through the city. Sundays offers cyclist insurance for as little as £2 per month that protects you should you be involved in an accident while commuting where you cause damage to a third party or a third party’s property.

They also understand that accidents happen, and their bike insurance protects your bike against accidental damage, theft and more in case something happens.

Fast and Reliable:

If you’re late to work, you can only blame yourself. When riding your bike, things can go wrong; you could get a puncture or suffer a mechanical. Punctures are quick and easy to fix, and with bike shops around almost every corner, you’re never far from someone who can help in an emergency. On your bike, you don’t have to worry about road congestion or a train line delay.  


Yes, the initial investment of buying a bike might set you back a bit, but that’s really no different to investing in a car. If you add up the amount you spend on public transport every week, it very quickly becomes enough to purchase yourself a nice little bike for getting around on. The price of bikes varies greatly, and you’re bound to find something within your budget that suits your riding. Chat with your local bike store or friends who cycle for some advice. If buying new isn’t for you, look on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, where you might pick up a bike for a steal. Green Commute Initiative is also an excellent option for purchasing a new bike. With Green Commute Initiative, you can save up to 47% on a new bike and accessories like a helmet and lights by splitting the cost over an agreed length of time.

Better for you:

A major plus to commuting is the health benefits of riding to work on your bicycle. The first few days might be challenging, but you can expect to get fitter quickly due to commuting by bike.  Exercise improves concentration and productivity, so riding to work basically makes you smarter. Endorphins released during your commute will make you happier, even on a Monday morning before coffee.

It’s fun:

That feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, the cool morning air hitting your face, it’s a sense of freedom and independence like no other. You’ll relive your childhood days of zipping through the neighbourhood on two wheels with your mates. It’s the best feeling to pedal past those stuck in traffic, going nowhere slowly. Plus, you can ride with peace of mind, knowing your bike insurance is covered.

Riding your bike is an efficient way to get to work as London gets busier and busier. The city has invested millions of pounds into cycling infrastructure, from bike pathways to storage units, to encourage residents to choose a bike over other forms of transport. It is incredibly beneficial to your health, and you can have loads of fun doing it.  

Protect your new favourite way to get around London with bicycle insurance from Sundays.

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